Things to do


The antique shows are held twice a year in the Spring (mid-March through first weekend of April) and in the Fall (mid-Sept. through first weekend of October). 

The shows last about 15 days and are approximately 60 shows on an eleven-mile stretch of Hwy 237 with Round Top in the center. 

There are more shows in neighboring towns of Carmine, Warrenton, Shelby, Burton. 

Most shows open by 9:00am and close around 5:00 or when the last shopper leaves.

Some of the shows / fields have entry fees but many are free with parking beside it. 


Refer to these links for Show Dates:


Nearby lakes are Sommerville for fishing, and boating, and Lake Fayette which is a power plant lake with excellent Bass fishing.

Festival Hill near Round Top is an international orchestra and chamber music institute with year round events.

Winedale Shakespearean Theater Center with performances during the summer and other activities year round including historical tours. 

 Restaurants include: JW’s Steakhouse in Carmine, Brazos Belle in Burton, Royer’s in Round Top, Valarie’s in Brenham, Sealand Seafood & Steaks in Brenham, Los Padrones in Giddings, and more. 

A popular evening spot to relax is the Stone Cellar in Round Top and White Horse in Burton.

Round Top Fourth of July celebration has the oldest continuous parade on this side of the Mississippi.  It is always a good time with BBQ and events at Round Top Rifle Assoc. Hall. 

This Texas Dance Hall also has a New Year’s Eve Dance to help bring in a new year Texas country style.